Dance Along

DanceAlong is a fun social dance, music and creative movement program especially designed for Early Childhood. Every lesson is themed and is full of excellent children’s music and wonderful hands-on props. Instruments, motor skills equipment, dress-ups and puppets combine to take your child on an exciting journey of discovery around their world, experiencing many cultures of dance and music.

Great for core sports skills, core dancing skills, early social skills, core music skills, and early literacy skills! Very educational and multi-cultural and enjoyed by both boys and girls!

Develop rhythm, co-ordination & fitness,
Discover self-esteem & social skills,
Dazzle the dancer within!

Bringing a whole world of dancing fun to early childhood!

Under the rainbow, we danced along!!!

Amazing themes include Healthy Bodies, Drums of Africa, Islands in the Sun, Things on Wheels, Mexican Maracas, Five Senses, Circus Tricks, Teddy Bears, Samba Carnival, Things with Wings, Dinosaur Dancing, Bells of Europe, Elephants of India, My Place, Fans of Asia, When I Grow Up!

Weekly classes at a childcare centre near you.


We’re always looking for great coaches and people to join our friendly team.

About Jenny

Jenny Reye (B.Sc., Cert. Dance) created DanceAlong back in 2005, with the aim of getting little ones moving and socialising in the most fun and engaging way possible, through creative dance adventures!

“I was studying Dance Teaching at QUT Brisbane at the time, which helped me greatly with creating the curriculum. I’ve been a long-time fitness enthusiast, and I know that the best way to keep active is to do something you enjoy!

To me, there is no greater fitness joy than being emersed in the dance moment with the music. Children also naturally respond to music with movement, so over the years, many thousands of boys and girls have been engaged and excited to join in our story lined adventure approach to dancing.

I remember when my eldest of my own 3 children needed help with motor skilling through therapies. One therapy just listed the movements like jumping, hopping and how many repetitions, whilst another made a game out of it. The different approaches made a world of difference in getting my child up and moving, and I remembered that when creating DanceAlong. The key to motivating the young child is through imagery. Paint a picture, tell a story, make a game, make it pretend play – a world the child sits in naturally, which can stimulate learning greatly!

I love seeing their little faces light up with enthusiasm as the story combined with the energising music gets them excited to join in with their peers and come for the adventure!

I’ve been enjoying dance most of my life, being a Latin and Ballroom dancer, a Ballet student and later Tinies Ballet Teacher for Hawgood Dance Centre, Zumba instructor, and eager participant in any type of cultural dance lesson or event.

Establishing DanceAlong was a real Sea Change for me, as my earlier career was in Software Engineering Corporate and Government projects in Brisbane and London, where I travelled extensively and gained an appreciation and awe for the diverse world around us. I also was involved in tertiary education working for QUT’s School of Software Engineering for several years. Even though I greatly enjoyed my IT career, the needs of my 3 young children at the time, made me explore other more flexible options, and with DanceAlong now starting it’s 20th year of classes, it continues to be one of my greatest joys, to be in the dance moment, to set the dance spark and witness  tiny faces light up with dance magic and keenness to be involved, curious, ‘give it a go’ little learners!”






Winner What's On 4 Kids Awards

2021 Winner for the Best Kids Activity for Cultural Diversity With over 65 amazing adventures, DanceAlong is a wonderful dance and music discovery of the world for your child! Themes explored include other cultures of dance and music as well as fun early childhood themes. To enrol, Enrol Now, then enter your centre name into the search field to book your class!

BIG KIDS SESSION (2-5 YEARS OLD) - 30 minute classes

30 minute dance, music and drama classes. Each week is a new adventure, as the class explores the themes of the unit. It’s like an exciting trip around their world over the course of the program, brought to life by puppets, dress-ups, multi-cultural instruments, motor skills equipment and fun, fun, FUN!!!

TINY KIDS SESSION (1-2 YEARS OLD) - 15 minute classes

A special 15 minute class designed for the Toddler. It’s the same adventure as the Big Kids class each week, but with simpler activities to suit this age group to keep them dancing and enjoying!


Winner What’s On 4 Kids Awards

From Chinese New Year to that special Christmas party for your centre, DanceAlong has got the class or show to keep your guests entertained, educated and energised!!! With many special cultural or nature/science based themes to choose from, there’s always something to suit every occasion.


Bring the fun of DanceAlong home for your little one’s next big birthday. They’ll be super excited to share the dance adventure with their friends as we dress them up, play special games and get them all dancing, as the adventure unfolds. Choose from Princess or Super Heroes!  Fabulous FUN!!!


 Meet the DanceAlong characters. Hippy Roo loves to Hip Hip Hop along. Stretch the Emu loves to stride out and stretttcccchh! But watch out for Snap the Croc, he loves to snap, snap, SNAP!!! These fun Aussie characters kick start the DanceAlong class each week with our Toes Tapping number, and our new song DanceAlong, Do, Do, Do, Do! Watch out for them popping up in our DanceAlong shows and community events as well. 


“The moment I read that interactive music (that they dance to, not just listen in the car to) forms new pathways in the brain, I signed my son up with DanceAlong.”

DanceAlong Mum Kerry from Centenary.

Alex’s party was great! Jacinta was amazing with the kids, getting them all involved, even a few kids new to DanceAlong, and some older ones! They all had so much fun, and Alex felt so special, that he retold the adventures and wants to do it again for his 5th Birthday!

Asanka Basnayake MEnergySys BE(Hons) PhD Student UQ

Alex Super Hero Party

how to find a centre or class

DanceAlong classes, sessions and shows are conducted daily in locations right across the Brisbane and the Gold Coast region. Find your nearest Dancealong Venue by clicking on the map icons or by selecting the region dropdown menu. Click on the location to reveal more details. For more enquiries, please email